Communicate through SAP FC

Reaching the person you need is a key factor for an easy interco process

You might be facing...

  • A significant number of consolidated entities
  • Changing organizations
  • Staff turnover
  • Difficulties in communicating between accountants of the different entities, particularly during the intercompany reconciliation process


PartnerLink is an integrated messaging system in the SAP FC package

Package-to-package communications, without intervention from the central team

Instantaneous sending : each message is immediately sent to the recipient entity as soon as the package is saved

Signature : each message contains a signature indicating the message’s author and the package from which the message was posted

Timestamp : each message contains the sending date and time

Multi-user mode : Several users of the same package can send messages simultaneously

E-mail notification to users designated for an entity


You can always reach your correspondent, even if you don't know his/her name

Communication is facilitated : each user with access rights to an entity has access to all the entity's messages

You keep a record of the messages attached to the entity, regardless of the user(s) who sent them

PartnerLink adapts perfectly to any existing intercos set up

PartnerLink can also be used by the central team to communicate with the subsidiaries