Package datas’ backup available at all times

An easy and quick access to a backup, an asset for your reporting

You might be facing...

  • A user makes an error and loses his package data just before the deadline
  • The loss of data in a single package can strongly affect the consolidation process
  • Restoring a database backup does not address the problem: too long and difficult to restore, not to mention the impact on all users


PackageSecure performs package backups at scheduled periods.

Technical processing is planned to be triggered at regular intervals (for example, every hour)

The data is saved on dedicated reporting periods, on previous data entry periods

You define your backup strategy in an ad hoc reference table : category, number of backups, backup periods, time...

According to the established strategy and the current date, the process will automatically detect the reportings to be saved


PackageSecure allows each user to view a dashboard of the saved data and to reload all or part of the saved data

Access to the data saved by PackageSecure respects the access rights of SAP FC

PackageSecure runs completely transparently

Backups are made according to a backup strategy that can be detailed by category

Access to and restoration of the saved data can be done by the user at local level