InterCompany Manager

Real Time Interco Reconciliation in SAP FC up to invoice level

Intercompany reconciliation is a key factor in reducing period end closing time

You might need...

  • A system allowing the decentralization of the intercos reconciliation process
  • A system to facilitate communication between your subsidiaries
  • An increasing level of detail to justify your variances, for example exchange rate variances
  • Smooth integration of intercos data into the consolidation package


InterCompany Manager is a transactional intercompany reconciliation system integrated with SAP FC

Its operating principle is to propose a real time decentralized reconciliation process, with the central team having only a supervisory role

Two levels of detail are managed: one detail per transaction currency, which can be supplemented by a detail per invoice

Each reconciliation cluster is assigned a materiality threshold and a deadline

A reminder and notification system, as well as a dashboard, make it possible to monitor the reporting


Optimized navigation in SAP FC to quickly access the source of variances

Support for load files used in SAP InterCompany

Native integration with the consolidation package

Sequencing of the reporting according to a predefined schedule

Reconciled transaction lock with bi-lateral agreement unlocking system

Exchanges between subsidiaries facilitated by the implementation of PartnerLink, our integrated package-to-package messaging system

Easy development of additional reports thanks to the integration of CTS InterCompany in SAP FC