Solution CTS rules

CTStation‘s graphical wizard for creating your OneStream business rules enables your business teams to master your consolidation processing.

OneStream™ offers numerous modules that can be customized and easily defined by administrators.

THowever, maintaining business rules requires mastery of the VisualBasic.NET language. Your functional teams therefore need to describe their requirements, which are then translated into code by technical teams. 

CTS rules provides an interface to enable your teams to adapt autonomously to frequent changes in IFRS standards or new ESG reporting requirements.

CTS rules today

CTS rules enables your functional teams to manage business rules from a Microsoft® Excel® workbook.

For employees familiar with SAP Financial Consolidation, the interface is similar to that available in SAP FC: set of rules, selection, generation of posting lines, coefficients, audit.

The workbook is associated with a webservice that saves the rule definitions and generates the code to be integrated into OneStream.

We are currently working on a version of CTS rules integrated with OneStream. This version will offer a better user experience for your teams familiar with OneStream, while remaining compatible with the current Excel version.

Key benefits

Your functional teams are autonomous in the definition and maintenance of business rules, with the interface reproducing what your teams knew with Financial Consolidation. As a result, you are more responsive to changes in standards. Your business rules also become more auditable, as there’s no need to decipher computer code. You can add custom rules to benefit from the experience and standard calculations of the starter kits.