CTS tools

The CTStation toolbox simplifies the operation of SAP Financial Consolidation (FC).
The evolution of your consolidation system becomes your priority. Rely on CTS tools tools and its many functions to simplify your day-to-day work with SAP FC. CTS tools is scalable, and we regularly add new features based on suggestions from our customers..

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CTS tools features by domain

The Use domain has been designed so that you can regain control of the events impacting your operation, by presenting various real-time monitoring tables:

  • Packages : tracking of Packages in use and unlocking of Packages locked by ghost sessions.
  • Other objects (Scope, Category Builder, Dimension Builder objects, …): tracking of objects in use and unlocking of objects locked by ghost sessions.
  • Users : track user sessions and terminate sessions as in the SAP FC administration console.
  • Reports : Report usage statistics and identification of the books and folders that reference them.

The Data domain provides in-depth analysis of the data stored in your SAP FC database:

  • Query : direct interrogation of data in SAP FC tables (amounts, scopes, rates, etc.).
  • Analytics : monitor your Microsoft SQLServer Analysis Services (SSAS) cubes.
  • Duplicate data : search for and delete duplicate data (data tables, rates, scopes, etc.).

The Volume monitoring domain is designed to give you the ability to control the evolution of your SAP FC database:

  • Database : Volumetry by table type (number of rows and space consumed).
  • Temporary tables : Follow-up and deletion of temporary tables.
  • Consolidations : Tools for analyzing the volume of consolidation tables (selection by consolidation definition dimensions).
  • Views : Monitoring of views and the number of rows they represent (e.g. those used by SAP FC’s archiving function).

Configuration domain:

  • Modifications : Track your configuration objects (Dimension Builder, Category Builder, Reports, Rules): number and last modification date, by origin database.
  • Programming : Display of all technical database objects (triggers, stored procedures, views, …) created by custom developments on SAP FC.
  • Add-ons : Tools for installing/uninstalling CTStation add-ons.


CTS tools offers a REST API so that the information provided can be used in other tools (Excel, PowerBI, etc.). This feature is particularly useful when CTS tools is used on several SAP FC databases.