Legacy Solutions

Our Legacy solutions have been our success since the creation of CTStation. Less essential today due to the evolution of the SAP FC environment, they nevertheless retain their strong advantages and can effectively meet many of your needs

CTS Auditfilters

CTS AuditFilters is the answer to concerns about the inaccessibility and inapplicability of SAP FC filters to other tools. It provides a synthetic view of filters in an FC state, interfaces with other systems while maintaining filter relevance, and offers filter content auditing capabilities. This .NET application interconnected with SAP FC offers two modes of operation: an execution from SAP FC generating a searchable SQL table, and a web service providing the results of filter execution. With easy implementation, technology similar to SAP FC, and fast performance, it offers an effective solution for exploiting SAP FC filters.


CTS AuditUsers simplifies the management of SAP FC’s complex access rights by offering a synthetic extraction of authorizations by phase and dimension. It is easily integrated via a .NET application interconnected to SAP FC, offering two distinct modes of operation: generation of a SQL table for auditing access rights, accessible from SAP FC, and a web service for consulting user authorizations by dimension and phase. Its strengths include easy implementation, technology similar to SAP FC, and fast processing times.


CTS ICM has been designed to provide the same functionality within SAP FC as the SAP InterCompany solution, which reached the end of its life in 2022. CTS ICM meets your intercompany reconciliation needs, while simplifying and accelerating the process. CTS ICM integrates seamlessly with SAP FC, providing an efficient transactional solution. The system operates on a principle of real-time decentralization, enabling the central team to supervise rather than actively manage the process. Two levels of detail are managed, at transaction currency and invoice level, for accurate justification of discrepancies, including exchange rate differences.

CTS ICM also offers notification and tracking capabilities, with an integrated e-mail reminder system and a dashboard to monitor the progress of reconciliations. The benefits of this solution include optimized navigation within SAP FC, native integration with the consolidation package, and support for the loading files used in SAP InterCompany.

Data upload is sequenced according to a pre-defined schedule, with reconciled transactions locked to ensure data security. In addition, exchanges between subsidiaries are facilitated by the implementation of PartnerLink, a package-to-packagle messaging system. Last but not least, the integration of CTS ICM with SAP FC enables the rapid development of complementary reports to meet your specific needs. In short, CTS ICM offers an efficient, integrated solution for intercompany reconciliation, enabling decentralized management, precise justification of discrepancies and facilitation of exchanges between subsidiaries, all seamlessly integrated into your SAP FC system.


CTS Lock is an integrated solution for entering packages into SAP FC, enabling partial blocking of package contents, as well as monitoring of controls achieved.

CTS Lock makes it possible to modify the level of controls to be reached on the fly, and thus ensure synthetic monitoring of controls in the package. It also makes it easier to identify controls that are difficult to pass, and provides real-time monitoring of the progress of subsidiaries and the quality of their data.

CTS Lock is a recognized solution for simplifying the reporting process by reducing the number of phases required, and for accelerating fast close by sequencing data entry within the same package. To date, CTS Lock has been deployed with over 50 customers.


CTS DataProvider enables data to be extracted from SAP FC and transferred to another application, according to a specific format. You can extract data from several consolidations, and map them if necessary. This solution is ideal for users who do not have the necessary in-house skills to perform this task.

CTS DataProvider enables you to export SAP FC consolidated data in a variety of ways. You can select the data to be exported and define the output format directly from SAP FC. Available output formats include a table, a flat file or an encrypted file.

The benefits of this solution include increased autonomy for the functional administrator in setting up interfaces, the ability to parameterize various formats, merge dimensions, add prefixes and suffixes to columns, and define default values. In addition, a system of templates based on the type of format required speeds up interface creation.


CTS RapproLive solution enables real-time reconciliation of intercompany data. Integrated into your SAP FC consolidation package, this solution offers efficient management of inter-company reconciliation, even for large volumes of data.

CTS RapproLive is a proven solution, used to date by some fifty customers.