Historize SAP FC Meta Data

Your test databases, the reprocessing of your historical data, your simulations and audits pose significant technical, support and external cost problems

You regularly have to...


Histolive allows you to build new SAP FC databases from an existing or historical setting

With HistoLive!, you can…

Regularly take pictures of your settings for later reuse.

Choose a photo of one setting and load it on a new database

Transfer data from your production to this database (Packages, consolidations, scopes, exchange rates...)

Retrieve the result of your simulations in your production database


Optimization of space taken by "other databases" (tests, proforma, simulations)

An operational FC database set up in 5 minutes

Disposable or archivable databases

The ability to replay historical consolidations with the setting corresponding to the data’s period

Audits on ”historical" objects and data or "original settings"

Substantial savings on external consulting to raise proforma consolidations