Store and reuse the result of SAP FC filters

CTS AuditFilters is a .NET application interconnected to SAP FC

A clear view of your users’ access rights

CTS AuditUsers is a .NET application interconnected to SAP FC

Automatically Control your consolidated data

Your package controls run at the consolidated level

Historize SAP FC Meta Data

Histolive allows you to build new SAP FC databases from an existing or historical setting.

Real Time Interco Reconciliation in SAP FC up to invoice level

InterCompany Manager is a transactional intercompany reconciliation system integrated with SAP FC.

Fine tune your reporting

Lock! is an integrated functionality in the package entry of SAP FC.

Package datas’ backup available at all times

PackageSecure performs package backups at scheduled periods.

Communicate through SAP FC

PartnerLink is an integrated messaging system in the SAP FC package

Fine tune your parameterization transfer

TransferLive! allows to partially send structure elements from the configuration database to the production database